About Me


Hello and welcome to the EmJay Audio blog and to my first ever blog post! My name is Melissa Meadows and I’m currently studying for an MSc in Digital Media: Audio Production at the University of Salford. This blog is going to be part of my journey, and I’ll be posting all kinds of things that are related to my main areas of interest: Audio Post Production, Foley, Sound Design and Editing, Field Recording and Psychoacoustics.

Sound recording has been a passion for me since I was bitten by the sound Recording bug during my first degree – a BA in Creative Music Technology and Music from the University of Hull. I then continued on to an MA in Television Production at the University of Manchester, where I specialised in Sound, working on a few documentaries (one of which was broadcast) and gaining experience with Granada TV.

I’m also very experienced in live sound, and especially love Live Theatre. I have worked as part of a local Theatre Technical Team Operator for 5 or so years, being involved with nearly 50 shows. I particularly enjoy sound design and SFX.

You can view my LinkedIn profile here: Melissa Meadows on LinkedIn or check out the Emjay Audio Soundcloud page!


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