Sound Effects, Foley and Jingles!

My main interests are Sound Design, Sound Effects and Foley but occasionally I’m asked to create other artifacts like jingles. As part of an Audio Application Project involving creating a whole sound track for the Open Source movie Elephants Dream I’ve recorded quite a few sound effects, so I thought I’d share a few of them, and a few other pieces I created for a few other projects too!

Here’s one of the jingles I made for a production of Steel Magnolias at the theatre I work at. As there’s a radio playing through a significant portion of the show, we created news bulletins and jingles to make the radio station sound more convincing. It was recorded in my home studio using a Korg Triton and a Korg SP-100, and I recorded the vocals in a bar! As the play was set in the 1980’s, I tried to make the production values reflect the era.

The following jingle is from the same play, we wanted something which reflected the kind of music that a radio station like KPPD might have had, (the play is set in a small church town called Chinquapin in Louisiana!) so we got a lit country! I really enjoyed making this!


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